Friday, February 03, 2006


Dawn in their camp.

42 wounded, some paralysed. This bloc doesn't have any doctors, but they have a physiotherapist. When they get shot they go to a normal hospital and invent some lie.

Hernan Giraldo. He once made the cover of Newsweek -"Colombia's most reclusive drug kingpin... the new Pablo Escobar..." The FARC got him with a grenade in 1984, but after six months he recovered. He claims to have survived three other assassination attempts, the most recent in 2000. He has 25 children.

The length of the speeches was absolutely inhuman, as usual.

Lining up to hand in their weapons.

Getting the document that entitles them to the benefits of the "reinsertion" program. For the next 18 months they receive a monthly payment of 358,000 pesos ($158) from the government.